History of Our Training

Our program was developed in response to a clear need for early childhood teacher training that reflected the highest international standards and was adapted to the Jordanian cultural context. Based on the text “Working with Young Children,” by Dr. Judy Herr of the University of Wisconsin-Stout, our program’s design and content is a joint effort between our IELC team and two experts from the United States, Dr. Karen Zimmerman, an expert on adult learning, and Dr. Herr, an authority on early childhood.

Our team adapted the text to the Middle Eastern context and translated it into Arabic. Along the way, we consulted regularly with our colleagues in the U.S. to ensure that all changes were not only culturally appropriate but also developmentally so. The resulting text was then pilot tested with 100 teachers in five different locations in Jordan, ensuring exposure to all sectors of the Jordanian community.

Since that time, our trainings have been delivered to almost 500 teachers at early childhood centers across the Middle East, including in Jordan, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates. The teachers at Iman’s Early Learning Center, one of Jordan’s premiere early childhood centers, receive regular trainings each year and consistently rate this program as key to their professional development and success. In addition, our training has been implemented for teachers at the Jordan Ministry of Education, the Greater Amman Municipality, and the Amman Academy School, Ahliyyeh School for Girls - KG Teachers, among others.