Our Philosophy

Iman’s Early Learning Center (IELC) is child-centered and life-oriented. We believe that the purpose of early childhood education is to help children learn to be at ease with themselves and others, to master and express their feelings, to love life, and to experience the richness and joy of learning. IELC fosters children’s academic and emotional competence and sets the foundation for their life’s journey. Together with parents, IELC staff works to provide a positive and supportive learning environment where each child is respected, safe, and nurtured. The IELC community gently and purposefully encourages each child to grow – physically, personally, socially, emotionally, cognitively, creatively, and morally – in harmony with the child’s own natural development and the world around him. Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge, professional staff selects and uses the best strategies that researchers and educators have established for early childhood education. The overall aim at IELC is to lay the foundation for Jordanian children to become successful adults and citizens in the world. Our program and activities reflect Jordan’s society and culture, while maintaining the highest international standards. IELC meaningfully empowers children, provides learning experiences, awakens curiosity, develops abilities and talents, and serves as a bridge point from home and into a learning experience for the future.