Our Schedule

Our school year begins in September and runs till June with a summer session in July. The center is opened 5 days a week Sunday- Thursday and the parents are notified of any closure for holidays.

Hours of Operation
Arrival Time:        
8:45 -9:00 AM
*Early drop-off is available starting at 8:00 AM
Pick up Times:      
12:40 -12:50 PM (Juniors-2 year olds)
1:15 -1:30 PM (Seniors-3 year olds)
*Late pick-up is available until 2:00 PM
Families make their own arrangements for transporting their children to and from the center. We do not offer bus transportation.

Daily Routine

The day at Iman’s Center offer a balance of active and quiet activities as well as large and small group times.

Arrival Time : The teacher greets the children at arrival time and helps them get started and our senior children sign themselves in.

Large Group Time: all the adults and children in the class get together to sing songs, do finger play, discuss attendance and job charts, discuss plans for the day and introduce new materials.

Choice Time: the children select what they want to do and in which interest area in the class while the teachers are observing.

Small Group Time: During small group time each teacher takes 6-9 children to work on an activity planned and introduced by the teacher to introduce new concepts and reinforce skills. The teacher encourages the children to use the materials in a variety of ways.

Snack Time: the children help prepare and set the tables for snack time and they all sit together to eat their separate food. The teacher sits and eats with them and encourages conversation about the day and healthy eating.

Outside Time: is the time where children are physically active, jumping, running, climbing and at the same time exploring and problem solving.

Read Aloud: at least two stories are read aloud daily, one in English and one in Arabic 

Cleaning Up time: the children at the center share the responsibility of taking care of their classrooms and environment and our senior children have job charts that they have a job every day.